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Electronics Course

The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has played a major role in the development of science and technology. This role is more and more important as the use of electronic devices and electric power is increasing in many technologies, such as VLSI, lasers, material processing, optoelectronic devices, robotics, communication, computer technology, micro machine, electric power supply, various types of control systems etc. The Department now consists of three laboratories, the Electronic Devices Laboratory, the Electronic Applications Laboratory, and the Communication and Systems Laboratory. Each laboratory has 3-4 Professors, 4 Associate Professors, 3-4 Research Associates, and a number of research students. We have about 70 undergraduate students each year, about 50 postgraduate students are registered for the M.Sc Course, and about 5 postgraduate students are registered for the Ph.D Course. The activity of the Department has increased since its reconstruction in 1989, when the Electrical Department and Electronic Department amalgamated to form the current department. Therefore, students can attend lectures that cover a wide range of subjects covering electronic engineering, electrical engineering, and communication and computers. This opportunity is important to students who wishes to enter research after graduation.

Informatics Course

The Department of Computer Science at Gunma University was established in April 1973, three years after the establishment of the first computer science departments at Japanese universities. Since then the department has continued its steady growth. We have been fortunate to have excellent staff and enthusiastic students. This talented group of computer scientists has made it possible to further develop our research and teaching programs. The department now consists of three laboratories, the Mathematical and Information Sciences Laboratory, the Computer Systems and Computation Laboratory, and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Each laboratory has 2-3 Professors, 2-3 Associate Professors, 2-3 Assistant Professors, and a number of research students. We have about 86 undergraduate students each year (about 350 undergraduate students altogether), 35 postgraduate students registered for the M.Sc Course, and 6 postgraduate students registered for the Ph.D Course. The department has become one of the leading at computer science departments in Japan. Research activity has been of excellent standard. A number of staff and graduates have recently received awards for their research work. The departmental computing facilities have also significantly improved over the years. The departmental computer system includes 6 SUN SPARC servers, about 70 workstations, and more than 100 X-terminals. The computer system is connected to inter-networks through which we can access other computer systems, not only in Japan but also in other countries, and through which we can send/receive messages to/from members of other institutes. We can also collect valuable information from the open domains provided by other institutes through these inter-networks. In 1994 a new departmental building was completed. The new building is well equipped with advanced technology. Using our satellite communication system, lectures given in the media room of the new building can be broadcast to lecture rooms in other locations. We expect further growth in research and teaching activities.

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